Looking to build a new home? If so, you’re not alone. At Asterion Construction, we know what it means to build a new home – the excitement, the adventure, and (sometimes) the stress. We aim to make the process as fun as possible, without stress, and part of that is helping people select the right residential building services for them.

We undertake all aspects of residential & housing projects. Our key attributes in the sector are to be sensitive to the actual requirement of clients preference and to construct an almost near structure as the architectural design. Satisfaction of client after final product is the main organization's objective.

Works related includes the following;

  • Deo Gratia Court (Construction of an 8-storey residential apartments)
  • Soroma Homes (Construction of middle level 66-unit residential block.
  • Onyx Hub (Executive 5-bedroom home for Mr. Kofi D. Abakah
  • Frafratta students' Hostel (4-storey students' hostel for Sampong Associates.