At Asterion Construction we believe that customer satisfaction is job number one. We also believe that customer satisfaction starts and ends with a good solid collaboration between the owner and the contractor. At Asterion we will assign a trained professional project manger who is committed to the project and who understands the importance of collaborating between all parties involved. We approach each and every project the same way ensuring a strong cohesive collaboration between owner, contractor, architects, engineers, inspectors, and all municipality agencies. Each project will have the same project management team assigned to it from beginning to end in an effort to keep good continuity from beginning of the project until its successful conclusion.

We offer the following;

  • Project Management
  • Site Logistics Plan and Filing
  • Subcontractor Procurement
  • Contract Administration
  • Material and Equipment Expediting
  • Logistics Planning & Management
  • Site Safety Plan and Filing
  • Site Supervision and Coordination
  • Management and Administration of General Conditions
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Insurance Program Implementation
  • Loss Prevention in Risk Control